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We challenge the norm and push the boundaries of design, experiences, and technology further. Within our community of experts, we bond and grow through knowledge sharing, empowerment, and tons of fun!

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Artificial Intelligence, the modern Frankenstein

Clementina Gentile
November 2022

The power of a design story

Alexandre Masy
October 2022

Starting out as a young UX graduate

Julien Raemdonck
August 2022

Building the Proximus Design System

A. Ostrowski, R. Hombroeck
July 2022

The first 100 days of a product manager

Olivier Gillin
May 2022

Why accessibility matters

Kevin Hirsch
April 2022

The metaverse goldrush

Xavier Roggen
March 2022

Meet your hosts

Isabelle and Thomas have been hosting our Flux podcast since it first aired in March 2022.

Thomas is a UX professional in designing user-friendly journeys through data-driven design. He sees podcasts as an incredibly democratic medium, that allows us to access knowledge and hear real conversations about timely, important topics.

Isabelle, our UI lead at Movify, works as a UI Designer and has a background in Urban Design. She believes that learning, teaching and sharing knowledge is a fundamental aspect of any profession as it enables anyone to grow and better themselves.